Belgian Paragliding Open 2014


Kobarid, in Slovenia.
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In case of exceptional weather adversity, and if too few tasks have been validated or might be by then end of the week, competition may be moved for one or more days to Lijak, 55km South.


Tasks 15-20 June 2014. Registration 14 June.

This is one week after the British Open in Gemona (Italy, 60km), which gives the possibility to participate to it or to the Polish Open in Tolmin, the next valley (15km), the week in between. The last task of the BPO will take place on the 20th to allow the better pilots to travel to PWC Portugal.


This FAI CAT 2 competition is open to Belgian, and International (25% guaranteed) pilots. Belgian pilots will need to have an XC license, and everyone will need to own an IPPI5 license.

By who
Organized by Brett Janaway and XTC Paragliding, backed by local clubs and the Belgian Federation.

Registration & Signup
Registration is open here
Signup up is available to registered pilots here. If you have forgotten your password send us a mail (any name @ belgianparaglidingopen dot eu )

Entry fee
225€ depending on the number of participants and the programme, to be paid at the latest 10 days after being accepted..
Once your status in the pilot list is “TO PAY”, you should transfer 225€ to

IBAN:BE77 0635 3835 0742