And the winner is…

After two successful tasks, the double task winner Szilard Forgo wins the Belgian Open.

J.P. Robert Vandenbegine wins the Belgian first place, Nicole Fedele the Ladies’ trophy.

We shall be travelling and flying this week end, publication of results shall be delayed, but no complaints were posted about the version posted at Bar Teja.

Great many thanks to all who made this even possible, including but not limited to Air Design, Imala Parapente, Airsport, Freetofly, Aerofly, MacPara, Aeroloisirs, Gradient, Sky Paragliders, Sup’Air, Parapente Confluence, Fou d’L, Patrick Walravens, Lies Coddens, Jean Solon, XTC Paragliding, Brett Janaway, Sarah, Damian, Elaine, Bruce, Andy, Bar Teja, Teja herself, Jelkin Hram, Klavdij.