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VOX / PTT forbidden, TOT mandatory

We’ve had enough incidents at competitions where ONE pilot ruined it for everybody. VOX (Voice Operated) or finger mounted PTT are just a bad idea, and will not be accepted at the registration.

Furthermore, a TOT (Time-Out Transmitter) must be set on your radio, with a value no higher than 60s.

This way, we shall ensure that someone will be blocking the SAFETY frequency in case of an emergency.

Some instructions:

Kenwood TH-K2

  1. Press [MENU]
  2. Turn the Tuning control to select Menu No. 23 (TOT).
  3. Press [MENU]
  4. Turn the Tuning control to select “3”, “5” or “10” (default) minutes.
  5. Press [MENU] to store the setting or [PTT] to cancel.

Kenwood TH-22

  1. Press [CALL] + POWER ON to select Menu Set-Up
  2. Turn the ENC/SQL control to select Menu No. 13
    • The current timer value appears.
    • The default value is “900”
  3. Press [CALL] repeatedly to cycle through the timer values available
    • You can choose 30s, 60s, 90s, 180s or 900s
  4. Press any key other than [CALL], [LAMP], or [MONI] to exit Menu Set-up

When TOT times out, the tranceiver automatically returns to Receive. To resume transmitting, release and the press [PTT]

Kenwood TH-F7

TOT is always on

Midland CT-210

  1. Press [MNU]
  2. With the wheel turn to 12-TOT
  3. Press [ENTER]
  4. With the wheel choose the TOT value
  5. Press [ENTER] to confirm
  6. Press [VFO] to exit

Switzerland phone calls

Please do notice that phone calls from Switzerland are quite expensive, including with a Belgian SIM card.

We recommend you to protect yourself by subscribing to a Roaming option with your operator.

With Proximus, you can use Vodafone Passport that will let you keep your national tariff, after paying a relatively reasonable markup.

However this option is not necessarily more interesting outside of Switzerland; so activate it just before your stay and deactivate it just after.