Monthly Archives: Friday May 31st, 2013

Stay covered

Search and Rescue is free in some countries. Switzerland is not one of them. We stronly recommand you to subscribe to supplementary insurances to cover Search and Rescue. BVVF-FBVL insurance only covers 3000€.

For additional insurances:

  • Ethias propose yearly and temporary insurances covering S&R up to €6250
  • Europ Assistance propose yearly and temporary insurances covering S&R up to €5000
  • The SHV-FSVL offers temporary insurance up to Sfr 30000 Sfr. It costs 145Sfr for 30 days but we recommend it.
  • If you know other insurance companies covering paragliding competitions in your country, contact us

Additionally, you can become a donor for the mountain rescue (Rega)

As a token of appreciation for this support, Rega can, at its own discretion and within the bounds of its resources, waive the costs for the services listed below for patrons, wholly or in part. This includes both rescue services that Rega provides itself and any services of other providers which it organises. Such services can only be provided at reduced or no cost, however, if health insurers and other insurance companies or other liable third parties do not or only partially cover the costs of the rescue mission. Under all circumstances, Rega provides its rescue services and also grants any possible cost reductions without any legal obligations, since these can only be given within the limits of Rega’s human and technical resources as well as the means at disposal.

For medical coverage, don’t forget to ask your E111 form. It will avoid issues after an incident.

Remember that the best way to be found is never to be lost in the first place; we recommend purchasing a Live Tracker like Flymaster Live or SPOT